Top 5 reasons to use FoodJets


A few years ago food delivery was a novelty and was relegated mostly to pizza and Chinese food. While some food ordering sites have been around for a while (heck, FoodJets has been delivering food since 1993), the rise of Silicon Valley-based food ordering apps for restaurants in the past few years has left you, the consumer, with quite a few options. So how do you know which one to pick when you’re looking for food delivery near Sacramento, or any of the other hundreds of cities we service? Here are a few reasons to pick FoodJets: 

1. FoodJets is local! – That’s right, while we were born in Sacramento, FoodJets delivery in all of the cities that we service is operated by local franchise owners that live in, and love, those cities. That means that the restaurants are picked by locals, your food is cooked by locals, and it’s delivered by local drivers. When you get your lunch, dinner, or snacks delivered by FoodJets, you’re providing local jobs and supporting your community. It’s win-win-win. #winning

2. Track your order – There’s no bigger bummer than ordering food for delivery and then sitting around wondering where the heck it is! Whether you order from the app or website, for catering, or just for yourself, FoodJets allows you to track the order from the time it’s placed, until it’s in your face. No guessing, no stressing. Order. Track. Eat.

3. Customer Service – Have you ever ordered from one of our the other food ordering apps and then experienced a problem with your order? Maybe it was cold? Maybe you were missing your fries? Good luck getting ahold of them if you did! With no phone number listed and a million other customers looking for help by email, you might never get a response. If you need help with a FoodJets order you can reach us by phone, chat, or email, and you’ll always get an answer. That’s because we’re not happy unless you’re happy, neighbor!

4. Community Involvement – Did you know that FoodJets contributes to local schools and nonprofits in every community in which we operate. Part of being a local company is giving back. Whether it’s donating part of our profits, volunteering our time, or sponsoring the local little league team, FoodJets knows that a healthy community is good for everyone, including local businesses like us.

5. It’s 100% easier than getting the food yourself – Getting groceries to cook, or driving to a restaurant to pick food up is a lot of work. You have to put pants on (the worst), find your wallet, deal with kids and cars, lines, dishes, traffic. Honestly it’s a wonder we ever do it. FoodJets is way easier. Open the app or website, order the food, and then enjoy time with your family, catch up on work, or water your bonsai, it’s YOUR free time now. It allows you to be everywhere at once. You’re pretty much a super hero now. 

Ready to give us a try? Great! Pick up your phone, tablet, or computer. Go to the app store and download our app, or just go to

Bonus reason #6: Use code GOOG5 for $5 off your first standard order, or code GOOG25 for $25 off your first catering order of $50+.