Top Five Craveable Meatless Monday Meals

FoodJets Restaurant Delivery

Most of us are aware of the benefits of eating our veggies: they’re low fat, full of fiber, good for our health, and good for the planet; but it can be hard to forgo meat full-time. As a compromise, lots of folks commit to eating meat-free on Mondays. You get to save some calories and some cows! With thousands of restaurants now partnering with at least one online food ordering app like FoodJets, it’s easier than ever to find a delicious, meat-free meal. Here’s a list of five utterly craveable options to look for on FoodJets, your favorite food delivery app:

1.Pizza: I mean, duh. Crisp, yet chewy crust. Slow simmered tomato sauce. Melty mozzarella. Fresh, aromatic basil. You could stop there if you want, or you could load it up with more veggies like caramelized onions, spicy jalapenos, and artichoke hearts. You could even add pineapple if you’re one of THOSE types. You won’t even miss the meat!

2. Burritos: Sure you could get a burrito filled with calorific carne asada or chili Colorado, but they are every bit as craveable loaded with rice and beans, Mexican cheese, guacamole and fresh pico de gallo salsa. Or get it “California-Style” with French fries instead of rice. Meat? Who needs it?

3. Veggie or bean burgers: When was the last time you tried a veggie-burger? Admittedly there was a time when they were sad, thawed out pucks of flavorlessness. But NO MORE! Thanks to modern science and a growing number of vegan chefs, veggie burgers are now just as delicious and dynamic as their meaty doppelgangers. Whether you like the classic with lettuce, tomato, and secret sauce; or cowboy style with BBQ and an onion ring, sub in a meatless patty for an animal-friendly and delicious meal. Best part? Fries are vegan! Hurrah!

4. Thai or Indian curries: Maybe you like a mild yellow Indian curry, or maybe you’re one of those maniacs who orders their green curry “Thai hot”. Either way, you’ll hardly miss the boring old chicken when you’re noshing on your umami-rich curry over steaming rice. Sub in some crunchy fried tofu, or just get extra veggies for a healthier, vitamin rich spicy-mouth-masterpiece. And you don’t have to leave the house if you use a food ordering app from restaurants.

5. A giant salad: Okay, salads aren’t as exciting as burgers or pizza, but in hot weather or when you’re trying to get that six-pack back, they’re a solid choice. Chinese salad with fried wontons and mandarins, blue cheese wedge salad with tomatoes and scallions, or a chopped salad with loads of veggies, cheese, and hard-boiled eggs. Healthy, crunchy, and admit it, kind of craveable.

The list could continue because there all tons of foods that don’t require meat to be delicious. And didn’t your mom tell you to eat your vegetables? So fire up your FoodJets restaurant delivery app and get ordering. Our pilots are standing by!