There is no such thing as free lunch. Or is there?


As in offices across America, there are several employees here at the FoodJets office who keep candy or other treats on, in, or around their work-spaces. Those who have been around long enough know exactly who to hit up, and what they’re likely to have (CEO Darren always has fancy jelly beans on his desk).

Fortunately for Darren, his jelly beans remain mostly safe, as FoodJets is one of the many companies who see the value in regularly treating employees to meals and snacks at work. A growing amount of evidence suggests that well-fed employees are not only happier at work, but more productive as well. More productive employees make the company more money, so those treats sort-of pay for themselves.

Most people have heard about the elaborate kitchens, imported espresso machines, and world-class chefs that grace each floor of Google and Facebook’s silicon valley campuses. While that level of amenities is out of reach for most companies outside of the Valley, all is not lost for smaller companies that would like to express their employee-appreciation.

For offices that don’t have the benefit of a commercial kitchen or on-site barista, there’s app-based food delivery. At the FoodJets corporate office, it all started with Weiner Wednesday. Overwhelmed with an appreciation for his talented and hard-working staff, Darren pulled up on his computer (naturally), ordered a few dozen Chicago Dogs (classic) and a couple of Veggie Dogs and clicked “place order”.

When the FoodJets Pilot arrived moments later with the piping hot dogs and a confused smile, employees swooned. The unexpected treats were so well received that Wiener Wednesday has become a weekly event that some employees celebrate with theme-appropriate Hot Dog socks and ties. It has also spawned the (slightly less alliterative) Nacho Friday and Meatless Monday.

While free food is universally appreciated by employees, the benefits to the employer are severalfold as well. When employees stay at the office to eat, they spend less time battling traffic and waiting in lines for take-out. They’re less inclined to partake in lunchtime cocktails so they’re more clearheaded when they’re back in front of the computer. And they’re able to chat and laugh with their coworkers over a shared meal, instead of while they’re working. Providing food for the office also lets them know that they’re appreciated. The way to an employee’s heart is most definitely through his/her stomach.

To become an office hero yourself (and save $25 off in the process), visit and click on catering. Pick your office’s favorite foods and a delivery time, and at checkout, enter code FB25 to save $25 on your first order of $50+. Of course, you don’t have to use the best online dinner delivery app in Sacramento (and 100+ other cities), but you’d be a lot cooler if you did. You’d also be eligible for FoodJets’ Frequent Flyer Benefits Program which allows you to spend points accrued from Food orders on gift cards at places like Amazon and Apple. So it’s a win-win-win. #winning